Governor Rick Scott's Florida - Scott sets out to Save His Florida

Don Browning asked to run for US Congress Seat, 6th District.  Seat long held by Cliff Stearns.
 Scientist say the Universe is 13.7 billion years old, or 5.2 trillion days old.  Congress has borrowed $2.00 per day for every day our universe has been in existence.
Browning agrees  that his Florida district 6 needs an active congressman who will agree to term limits and reduced deficit spending.
Browning points to $2 per day added to the national debt, since the universe began with the Big Bang.
Sometimes it helps to understand how much $10 trillion dollars is.  Spending what we don't have will cause inflation robbing americans of their saved dollars.  We must reform congress.

30% plus of the voters supported Don Browning against Stearn's long term National Debt increase record.  Next election will be filled with strong candidates to unseat Stearns. 

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Governor Rick Scott and Secretary of State Kurt Browning unvail Viva La Florida 500 during heritage week in Tallahassee.   Viva La Florida Celebration will link the past 500 years with the next 500 years.  

Marion County Administrator 
Dr. Lee A. Niblock

Receives top honors for his "Doing More with Less Program".  Riding an outpouring of  Positive Citizen Support, Dr Lee Niblock has been chosen as Governmental Leader of the Year by The Marion County Chamber of Commerce.

Marion County Government Delivers Under Budget.  Dr. Niblock, "More with Less".

Marion County Action Team Eco-Tourist Group, is working to revive Florida's Economy.   Marion County Chamber of Commerce and Heart of Florida Team up to promote Discover Marion Possibilities Campaign.  Marion County in the new decade is the Economic Action Center of Florida.

Education, Tomorrow's Astronauts, Team Telescope Network.

Business Positive. Governor Rick Scott to help Central Florida Banks turn the Florida's Economy around.

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Governor Crist was Republican Darling.
Gammons Directors George and Sally Browning, Sec. Walt McNeil and Governor Crist.

Senators add to the trust of the Best Florida Government.  Senators DeanOelrich, Lynn, Baker, and Dockery work to force more open government.

Charlie Dean represents all the people in his Florida District.  The district is one of the largest in Florida stretching from Crystal River to the steps of the Capital in Tallahassee.
Senator Dean is leading Bio to Energy Legislative Expert in Florida. 

Check out Sponsor Ocala Cool, the World Famous Mineral Water that made Florida Famous.

Arts, Science and Education link to Tomorrows Astronauts . Com

Environmental Artist Don Browning thanks Rick Scott for his service to the Citizens of Florida.

STS 128 ready for launch. Weather Delay.
Space Florida and NASA in Prelaunch posture for STS 128. ęDon Browning 2009